Become More Confident At Your Audition

Become More Confident At Your Audition

Low self-esteem is the bane of most actors’ careers. They do everything they’re supposed to do – learn lines, turn up to rehearsals, capture their new found character and give their all in each scene.

But they still walk out of the audition room with their head low, wishing they could turn back time and do it all over again.

Having confidence in your auditions is how you will make it in this business. As cliché as it may be, if you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will.

Having an audition is terrifying. Strangers are judging you in only minutes and literally criticising your every move.

You’re not getting acting roles if you’re unprepared and don’t choose the right piece to perform, but more so, if you’re not confident in yourself, you’re inflicting negative feedback voluntarily.

Use Your Waiting Time Wisely

Become More Confident At Your Audition

Time and time again, actors sit in the waiting area with trembling legs, reading their lines over and over again – trying to mentally prepare themselves.

But these mannerisms are called over-preparing which is actually causing a negative effect on your auditions. You think this workaholic, critical behaviour is doing you justice. But it’s not.

You can’t just relax at the click of a finger, but you can actually teach yourself to relax and become more confident during your waiting time.

Spend time before the day rehearsing your lines, preparing your moves and practicing your opening line. Don’t be like the student at school who used to try to cram two years’ worth of learning into 10 minutes.

If you’re as prepared as you could ever be, you don’t need to be fretting and putting in more work right before your audition. If you are the person who tries to perfect dialogue and actions just a smudge more before their audition, then all you’re telling yourself is that what you have now is not good enough.

You’re telling yourself that you need to do more to make it amazing. But you’ve already done everything you can do!

Instead, develop healthy habits in the waiting area which will actually benefit your audition. Listen to calming music, read a chapter of a book and sit with friends and talk like you would in a coffee shop.

Take regular sips of water and eat a healthy snack to create a normal environment as is possible in such circumstances. Whatever it is in your life that makes you feel positive about yourself… you should be doing that before an audition.

Don’t be an over thinker, but instead, reinforce yourself that it’s going to turn out fine and imagine the audition going perfectly. If you think positive thoughts then positive actions will follow.

Remind Yourself Of How Much You Want This Part

Become More Confident At Your Audition

When you want something bad enough, no number of rejections or setbacks will stop you, because there is no other option than to do what you love.

From the moment you open the door to walk into the audition room to the moment you get back in your car, remind yourself of how badly you want it.

By reminding yourself of your goal, you will never give up and give in to the snide looks or devious comments. You will have that ambition and drive pouring through your blood every second of your life.

When people ask what you’re doing with your life, don’t degrade yourself by talking about how things aren’t working out, because that’s unhealthy to your success.

You need to live, breathe and surround yourself with positive energy and confidence in order to become confident.

When people start marathons, they have the image of them running to the finish line imprinted in their brain. You need to do this too!

Learn To Enjoy The Audition

Become More Confident At Your Audition

Although auditioning is intimidating because you’re under a mountain of pressure, it is still a taster of what you want to do in the future – act!

You’ve worked so hard to get to this point, so give yourself a pat on the back and be a free spirit.

As soon as you walk in the room, stand tall. Don’t set yourself up to fail by hunching over and mumbling your words. You are unique and have the right to enjoy this experience, so don’t be hateful on yourself when other people might be thinking that you’re extremely talented.

Try to avoid eye contact with the people who are auditioning you, not because you’ll scare them off, but because it will take you out of character and remind you that you’re in an audition.

Don’t stare at the floor however, but during those moments of purposeful silences, look at a chair, a wall… anything other than into their eyes.

Become so absorbed in the scene that you actually forget where you are. Embrace this moment because you’ll never be able to go back and do it all over again. You only get one shot, so make it count. But remember that this is a part of your journey and your life!

So take a deep breath, remind yourself of how far you’ve come and how much you want it and don’t look back. You only have your future to look to, and anything that has happened in the past can’t be dug up and re-done.

Regardless of whether you get the part or not, congratulate yourself on every audition because it’s an opportunity to move forward and not everyone gets that chance.

Hold your head up high, wear clothes that are comfortable and do things you love to become more confident in not only your auditions but in everyday life too.

All the best!

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