Reasons To Join Cast44

Reasons To Join Cast44

It seems that every acting agency wants us to join them, claiming to revive your career and boost your profile. We get that it can be confusing, and no matter if you’re an experienced actor or just doing it for … Continued

Famous Casting Directors Behind Successful Films

Ever wondered how famous Casting Directors started out? Or perhaps you’re intrigued by the faces behind the scenes of some of your favourite films. Being a Casting Director is a rewarding career, and despite what some actors may think, they’re actually … Continued

what it's like to be a casting director

What It’s Like To Be A Casting Director

Andrew Kevin Fawn, a Freelance Casting Director shares what it’s like to work in such a competitive industry – including the day to day activities, and how actors can help themselves in auditions and improve their chances of landing a … Continued

New Life Loading sign Cast44

7 tips on how to start out as an actor

So you’ve seen some great shows on the stage and screen, and you want to become an actor / actress do you?  Well it’s not an easy road, but that’s the same as all the paths worth taking.  We all have … Continued

Dealing with fame

Dealing with Fame Book

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Jealous actors

Can Actors be Friends With Each Other

On the face of it actors should be able to be friends with each other. Let’s face it, most actors, more or less have the same goal in life – to become a successful actor. However, if you are an actor or … Continued

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